Enough time for the crowd?

I have already doubts about myself. Most evenings i am sitting with my laptop on my couch. I am nearly never online on Facebook, i have never twittered.

I google myself through the digital universe for job issues, private questions and my research work. And i began to ask myself: Why do otehrs have time to be online connected and responsive with each other so often? Which kind of job are they doing in order to have fullfilled the basic and needs of the real life and still having time to live online? Do they have children? And which time of the day are they joining the crowd more often?

Due to this topic of time there is one of the best collaborative works online: Exquisite Clock

Exquisite Clock was created and developed Joao Henrique Wilbert (BR) at Fabrica (IT) in 2009, creative direction by Andy Cameron (UK).

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